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Reliability is our first priority to help you avoid penalties and interest.


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No matter if you are building financial reports, processing payroll, or filing your taxes, Taxfinal is here to help.

Upload your receipts

The easiest way to protect your business from the IRS is to document every transaction. By choosing Taxfinal, you can upload important documents with a click of a button.

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We take pride in what we do. 


We do all the work for you or you can do it yourself.

Income Tax

We will help you file both your business and personal income taxes.


File your payroll on-time every time. We provide direct deposit and paper checks.


Need help filing W2s and Contractors (1099), we are here to help

Sales Tax Reporting

Avoid penalties and interest by having our team file your sales tax report

Premium Support

Our professionals are here to help you every step of the way

Our Guarantee

Our integrity is doing the right thing all the time and treating each client the same. Meaning, we stand behind our work by delivering reliable and accurate services. If there is ever a problem with our work, we will resolve it immediately at no additional cost to you

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Additional Services

#1 Tax and Accounting Professionals in the SF Bay Area


Unlimited backup


IRS Audit

We provide audit support and help when dealing with the State and IRS.


Unfiled Taxes

File all of your passed due income tax. We can retrieve all documents from the IRS on your behalf and file them for you.


Settle Your Tax Debt

We help you settle your tax debt by submitting an offer on your behalf


Some of our works

We work with all types of businesses

Retail Stores
Film Industry
Tech Industry
Real Estate
Working Professionals
Doctor and Nurses

Our Pricing Plan

We have prices for every type of business or start-up companies




Self Managed

Unlimited Estimates and Invoices

Track Income and Expenses





up to 13 hours

Standard Included



$500 +/mth


13 hours plus

Professional Included

Some FAQ


When can I get started

You can get started immediately. All you need is a user name and password. For additional information, contact us at (415)735-1040


I am being audited by the IRS. What can I do?

You have rights. So, do not be bullied into aggreeing to their demands. Seek help immediately. The IRS are very aggressive and demanding. So, take a deep breath and realize you have help. We will walk you through your options.


Why should I choose your company?

Our main objective is to put more money into your pocket and also protect you from the IRS and State audits. We take pride in our reliability which makes us the best place for your business.


How long have you been working as a accountant

We are glad to announce that we have been around for over 10 years servicing the San Francisco Bay Area.

Very Happy! Yeah buddy! Kaazim Summerville, didn't rush me through the process at all, he explained everything to me, and took me through it step by step.

Xuan C


I've been going to Taxfinal for over five years. Before that, I was getting my taxes done at H&R block. What I found out is that H&R Block reps do not know anything about taxes.


CEO, Production Company

After my first time coming here. I knew this would be my all time tax guy. Kazim is awesome! He takes his time and ask you all kinds of question to make sure you get everything back from your returns.


Kaazim took his time to get to know me as a person and not just another client. He was able to determine, to my benefit, that he could do better on my past returns. I had no idea how inadequate my previous returns were prepared.


Registered Nurse

We started going to Kaazim about 4 yrs ago and will continue to come back. We use to be one of those people who would go to the big chain names like Hr block or Jackson Hewitt but after going to Kaazim we wish we would have found him sooner.

Hanks Family

It is nice when you have an expert working on your tax audit. I owed over $25,000 and I was scared out of my wits. The team at Taxfinal not only save me from paying all that money but they got me money back. I will never go to another person again.

Karen Olson

Developer, odesk

Chris "Kaazim" is the most down to earth guy. He take his job very serious by finding you every penny he can find. I can't believe he charge me half the amount I paid at other places. Extraordinary service


CEO, Bakery

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